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The Etawah Historical Society has been around since 1954 when Mary Harrison Lister and several others gave birth to this new organization. Over the years there has been many changes in the Society. At one time you had to be voted in and the meeting was held in the homes of the members.

Today, anyone can become a part of the Society for just $10 a year. We now meet in our own 6,000 square feet facility at Elliott Community Center. Since 2008, we have accumulated a mass of historical collections and information of this area.

For example, we now have many exhibits on display, a large history library, over 15,000 digitized local historical photos, genealogy information and nearly all issues of the Gadsden Times dating from 1867 to a few months ago.

We have grown from 50 to near 150 members and we are still growing! We actually are running out of space and rooms. Plans are being made to get a bigger facility and museum. Stay tune for this!


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